Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Patterns and New Possibilitites

Sometimes new patterns are thrust on us. Sometimes we carve them out. The best I understand our job seems to be to weave the curious and chaotic ramblings of the universe into something uniquely ours. 2 years ago early on a Friday morning I found myself on the receiving end of a push from the universe, complete with a short, unimaginative letter from the agency I had been with for 14 years, and a box of what was thought to be the prized possessions from my office.

I took the opportunity to launch my own consulting business. It actually had been forming in my heart and head for several years and had even been legally set up six months earlier. My business is about teaching focused conversation as a decision making tool or a problem solving tool. I am faced daily with the task of not only explaining what I have to offer, but also it's place in our businesses, in our families and in our world of change. Then there is the job of selling that FullThought is the place to go once you have determined conversation is something you might pay for. It often feels like an uphill climb.

Recently I sold my house and bought a lovely condominium. I closed my mortgage, cut my taxes in half, and reduced my energy bill to give my new business better room to breath and grow.

Now I am launching this blog as a place for me to find my voice in this work, to struggle out loud when all else fails, and hopefully to celebrate a few successes.

As a social worker I was often charged with translating hopes, visions and strategies into funding proposals. I have grown accustomed to the practice of clearly identifying measures of success so that when we get one year out from the launch of an effort we have benchmarks to read our progress. In that spirit...

Dear Universe, we are working hard, here's where we hope we are going:
  • we'd like FullThought to become a useful tool in our times;
  • we'd like to see FullThought elevate understanding and unheard voices in many settings;
  • I'd like to make an honest living at this, enough to cover our basic expenses including health care (passing Obama's health care reform Act would count);
  • FullThought would like to bring opportunity to others as well;
  • a book on FullThought on the New York Times best seller list would make it easier to explain what FullThought is;
  • my daughter would love a trip to the UK.
That would be a successful year! Thank you for listening.